Extra Curricular Activities


Camps and excursions are considered an important part of the school's curriculum. Apart from their obvious educational and instructional value, they provide the opportunity for students to:
develop strong social and emotional skills
enhance resilience and independence by taking students out of their comfort zone, therefore away from the classroom/home
build effective relationships with their teachers and peers
develop a sense of belonging through shared group experiences
feel more motivated and enthusiastic about their learning through practical experiences

All students are strongly encouraged to participate particularly in those excursions directly related to a subject area. 

Please adhere strictly to cut off days for payments, as late payments will not be accepted. A charge is made for each excursion and this must be paid for prior to the excursion. Information, including the cost and parent consent forms are sent home well in advance of the excursion date.

Year 7 Camp

The Year 7 Camp is held within the first semester. Students will attend by form group a three-day Adventure Camp at Trafalgar. During the camp students will participate in numerous pre-arranged activities, which are both educational and fun. The camp provides a fantastic opportunity for students to get to know their peers and Pastoral Care teacher.

Year 8 Camp

Students from Year 8 will annually be provided with the opportunity to attend an interstate trip. The Year 8 Camp is usually restricted in the number of students who are able to attend. In the past, camps have been to Tasmania, Canberra and the Gold Coast. During the camp students will go to many world-renowned geographical and historical landmarks, while gaining independence and friendships with students from other classes.

Camps and Excursions are open to all students. However, as heavy responsibility is placed on teachers supervising excursions, serious misbehavior or if a student deliberately disobeys a teacher's instruction while on an excursion, may result in a student being sent back from the excursion or camp at the parent's expense. Parents will be notified when such action is taken so that supervision arrangements can be made. Normal school rules apply to students while they are on excursions, including the wearing of full school uniform unless otherwise stated.

Annual School Production

Each year the College prepares and performs a school production. In 2016 the College is presenting ‘Hairspray’. Participating in the show provides a variety of opportunities that allows students to challenge themselves and build upon their stagecraft skills in singing, acting, characterisation and dancing, along with building their confidence, creativity and collaboration skills; whether they are performing on stage or working backstage.
Students involved in the school production are from all year levels (7-12), along with many dedicated teachers; all working together for the common goal of creating and producing quality theatre for everyone to enjoy. Commitment to the performance is always a merit to all students involved. After-school rehearsals are held once a week from Term 1, as well as countless lunchtime rehearsals, culminating in a wonderful week long season of matinee and night performances. 


The school recognizes the social and physical benefits of student involvement in team and individual sports. It encourages the participation of all students in a wide range of house and interschool sporting activities. In all sports the school aims for the highest level of achievement and acknowledges publicly any outstanding performance by a team or individual.

Days when the School House Swimming, Athletics and Cross-country sports are being held are normal school days. All students are expected to attend the sports and participate. Students are not permitted to be absent unless there is evidence of illness and parents are expected to support the school by ensuring their children attend on these days.