Point leo swim day


In January 2016 Anita Templin and  I  accompanied the MultiPride students to  Point Leo  for  our annual  event.  We talked a  great deal that  day about  how  much  that had  been achieved  with  the MultiPride  program and  how  this  day  was  a symbol of  the  diversity and cultural  bridging  that we had worked so hard to promote in  the school.

This  year I was accompanied  by  Annette Evans. The  2017 MultiPride  students  went  back  for a basic beach and water safety day , and a chance to  gain an appreciation of the culture and rewards of being a member of a Victorian Surf Life Saving Club. We were all rewarded by the social interaction and  we developed  an understanding of each other’s history, heritage and culture.
As I walked along the beach taking my photos I thought about Anita and how hard she has always worked to bring about positive outcomes for all  the students she came across.

It was Anita Templin that had drawn me into the MultiPride concept. We were supported by the great work of Phil Start and Ken Robinson. Habib Mohammadi was also on hand to offer his guidance and leadership.

Going down to the beach with this group is always a great joy. The excitement when we arrive at the clubrooms and then down to the beach is electric. It amazes  me  the energy  these kids  have and  how  they  go about  helping each other in the  water. My camera captured  a little of the understanding, compassion the laughter and the smiles.

That’s what MultiPride is. Thankyou Anita.  

George Massouris
Assistant Principal