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Term 3 was a fantastic term.

George Massouris - Saturday, September 23, 2017


That was an incredible term that had some fantastic highlights. Our school values of PRICE were evident throughout the ter. I remain in awe of students and staff alike who have given of their best in a range of situations to achieve personal and community growth, resulting in our school culture forever improving.

I have worked closely with our student leaders in a variety of forums. The students in SRC, MultiPride, Teach the Teacher and our form captains have all contributed to discussions aimed at building their leadership capacity and strengthening the outcomes of students. Student leadership is certainly going from strength to strength at the College. We have raised money for charity and supported the local food truck that delivers food to the needy in the local area.

Our Year 9 students spent many hours in the city capturing the data for their term 4 projects that they will present to their parents. They visted some Melbourne landmarks and interviewed a wide range of people to complete these assignments.

There have  been many extracurricular events  throughout the term  that  have  been  great showcases of  the  enthusiasm and  commitment of  our students and staff. The School Production Ned Kelly was a great delight to see. We also had five students represent the college at the State School Spectacular which was held at the Hisense arena. The performers were all outstanding appearing on stage at the highest level. Our college band has started its tour of local schools performing a brilliant concert at Cranbourne Primary School.

Term three has been demanding for our year 12 students. They enter the final stage of their schooling with us as they come closer to the exam period in term four.  We encourage Year 12 students to work as hard as they can in the coming weeks leading into exams.

We recently received the 2017 NAPLAN results. This data will be carefully considered and analysed to determine where further improvements can be made with respect to student outcomes in Numeracy and Literacy.  Parents were recently sent the individual results by mail.  The college is embarking on a major restructure of curriculum over the next few years. Our year 7 program is going very well and the students are benefiting greatly from the focus on skill building.

There were many more highlights throughout the term involving sport teams and high achieving students in many fields.

I wish you a safe holiday period.  I am hoping the students and staff get some much needed rest.  I look forward to working with you again in term four.

2017 State School Spectacular showcases our very best

George Massouris - Sunday, September 17, 2017

It was a great privilege to attend the Victorian State Schools Spectacular. More than 200 schools showcased how “Anything is Possible” at the event which was held at Hisense Arena. I was lucky enough to watch both performances. 

The shows explored the  themes of creativity, freedom of expression and self-empowerment – taking inspiration from the song Pure Imagination (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) which was a stand out  feature in the show

Jesse Rose Woods, Rani Wightman and Bonnie Ramsay performed brilliantly in their expertly choreographed routines whilst Sene Smalley and Joseph Stewart entertained us with powerful vocal performances.

I bumped into a few of the students at the break and also some staff and parents.I could not resist the selfie. The students were excited to see a familiar face.This is a world class event and the students are a tremendous inspiration to us all in our community. Some of them have appeared here more than  once and performed with great confidence throughout.The show had some memorable sequences. I was impressed with  the Hey Ya sequence where the bride carried Sene our school Captain off at the end of their wedding scene.The show ended with a triumphant Your The Voice which had the whole cast and audience involved.

I'd like to congratulate the students on a marvelous achievement and performance. I would also like to thank the families and teachers who supported these students throughout. there will be some great stories to tell from this wonderful experience in the future.

Anything is Possible

George Massouris

Assistant Principal


SRC Pop Concert Lunchtime 11/09/2017

George Massouris - Sunday, September 10, 2017

On Monday  at lunchtime the SRC will be hosting there answer to Monterey POP which happened 50 years ago. Our concert is called SRC Pop.
We have a few songs lined up and a special guest Tyra Lewis appearing to entertain you while you eat your lunch.
Get out there and enjoy the fun if you can. All our support this time goes to the Casey Food Truck which will also be on the grounds to spread the peace vibe. Come and meet our young school leaders under the one annex.

All students are invited to attend.

Monash Access Champions Assembly

George Massouris - Sunday, August 27, 2017

I was very proud of our students involved in the Monash Access program. The delivered a presentation to the Year 8 students. It was an informative and well  planned event. Student leadership is amazing to be involved with in this college.

George Massouris
Assistant Principal

State Schools Spectacular - September 16, 2017

George Massouris - Sunday, August 20, 2017
The State Schools Spectacular encourages discipline, perseverance and confidence. We are very proud of our four students who will participate in the event this year.
Tickets are available from the  following  link.

Ned Kelly - School Production 2017

George Massouris - Saturday, August 12, 2017

It was a great  pleasure to  see Ned Kelly this week. Simone Wright and her team have worked above and beyond to bring this slice of Aussie history to life. There were some great costumes and sets complimented by some fine singing. After the agony of not being able to produce a show in 2016 I was so pleased to see our students be apart of a wonderful cast and crew and shine on the Cranbourne Secondary College stage once more.

There were some amazing  performances throughout and  our homegrown live band did a tremendous job pushing the bush rhythms along. I love attending the school performances. It's an opportunity for me to capture a little of the history that we make each day at the school. I have been blessed to be introduced to so many talented students along the way. The sheer joy on their faces after the performances is testament to what productions mean to our students. We found some new future stars of our stage during the Ned Kelly shows.

Bravo to all who were involved.

Presentation Ball

George Massouris - Saturday, August 05, 2017

The Presentation Ball was a wonderful evening bringing together months of hard work by our students and staff. I was really proud of the dazzling dance sequences and the special bond the students displayed towards their families. Everyone had a great time on the dance floor. Our School Captains did a great job introducing the couples. There is something magical about the Presentation Ball that brings about school memories that will last a lifetime. Well done  to all who were a part of  this  special evening.

Ace Foundation - Footy Night

George Massouris - Saturday, July 29, 2017

We have a great partnership with Dr. Leon Shapiro providing opportunities to young people in the Cranbourne area. Last night some of our  students took part in an amazing evening at the AFL football game between Sydney and Hawthorn.Toyota with the Ace foundation decided to give 8 kids from 3 schools the opportunity have a night out that they may otherwise not have the chance to.They  were lucky enough to meet Ben Reid from Collingwood as a bonus.

I would like to pay special thanks to our staff member Leeanne Hayes who took care of the students on this evening and made sure they had a fantastic evening. We also would like to thank Dr. Shapiro for supporting our college and providing these special moments in the lives of our students.

SRC Lunch

George Massouris - Thursday, July 20, 2017


It was a great pleasure to spend lunch with the SRC team today. They all had a mean appetite and had a great time at the local centre chatting together and enjoying a lovely lunch. The SRC have some great ideas to explore in term 3. I look forward to being involved with them to bring about improved outcomes for our school community. As always the students were appreciative of the effort Ms Gunn put into organising the event.

George Massouris

Assistant Principal

CSC mourns loss of Norm Avard former teacher

George Massouris - Saturday, July 15, 2017
I was saddened to hear that one of our colleagues and friend to many at the college had passed away this week. Norm Avard passed away Wednesday 12th July aged 67.Staff, students and parents will remember Norm" the warm, charming and engaging teacher that will be missed by our community. The students adored Norm. He was always a key figure at the Staff end of year celebrations. Sadly he had battled illness in recent years.

Norm would always make time to have a chat. He would love to talk about his beloved Magpies. We will remember his witty remarks and sense  of  humor. He had a no nonsense approach to teaching and life and was an iconic figure in our Technology department. The college expresses its deepest condolences to the family and friends.

I was lucky to have known Norm. He would drop into school  to visit from time to time after leaving Cranbourne and always had a kind and encouraging word to say to me.  I will miss him.

A Funeral Service for Mr Norm Avard will be held at 2 Pm on Wednesday 19th July at the David W Bull Cranbourne Funeral Home.

George Massouris
Assistant Principal