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Xiaoqian (Sunny) Sun - Friday, October 27, 2017

To everything There is a season - MultiPride

George Massouris - Sunday, October 22, 2017

A time to remember the students who have contributed to MultiPride throughout there school years. Last Friday we said farewell to our year 12 leaders of MultiPride. We are appreciate the efforts of this group. They have worked very hard to bring about harmony in our school. The were able to develop our logo and ensure the  jumper and  badges were worn with pride. They made themselves available to students in need and  developed many engaging activities to promote well being in the college. They regularly attended and contributed to this program. They have been significant in raising the profile of MultiPride to the wider community. I know Anita Templin was very proud of these students because they helped build the leadership skills of all students who have been part of this experience.

We now have a new generation of leaders who are keen to carry on the good work that our year 12 students have carried out. They are guided by the dedicated work of Annette Evans who has been instrumental in maintaining the high standards of  this group of students. In a year that was presenting itself to be difficult MultiPride has grown stronger than ever.

I have been privileged to be working with such dedicated and enthusiastic young people who will no doubt continue to lead in their own way in the wider community. I am forever grateful for the knowledge and friendship they were able to bring to me as we worked together in MultiPride.

Farewell friends sure to return to visit as you will always be a part of our MultiPride.

George Massouris
Assistant Principal