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Create Festival 2017

George Massouris - Saturday, June 10, 2017


Last night the Create Festival proved to be a great success. Parents, teachers, friends and students came together to celebrate the fantastic work completed  this semester in our Year 9 Create Program. The theatre foyer was filled with some amazing work in Art and Technology. The performances later in the evening displayed some courageous, stirring and entertaining acts on our stage.

Eleven years ago a team of teachers led by Michael Bragge, Paul Evans and Hilary Baxter introduced us to this amazing phenomenon known as Create. I have attended most of the twenty one performances and I always come away excited about the amazing effort that goes into the production and the talent that lies among our students just waiting to be nurtured. 

I would like to thank all the teachers for the special work they have completed with these students  to bring them to a point where they can showcase  their  efforts in front  of a large audience. In  particular the valuable work done behind the scenes to ensure the  students were supported. (setting up, lights, stage work, sound, packing  up) Thanks to our Create leader Josh Mitchell for bringing it all home. 

Many of the acts featured will appear again on the stage or exhibit work at college events over the next few years.So many of our talented students step up at this event. Our students get a great sense of achievement from  participating in this experience.The organic way these performances develop bring about a confidence in most students that only becomes stronger from this moment on forever. Create has a way of lifting everyone up a  little .

I had a great night out.

My camera would like to show you how I feel about Create.



George Massouris

Assistant Principal

Cranbourne Secondary College

2017 Battle of the Bands

George Massouris - Wednesday, June 07, 2017
The Battle of the Bands was hosted at our school theater recently. Our young talented musicians received the awards for best guitar and also for best bass guitar. This competition features some fantastic local talent. Once again our students displayed there remarkable talent. Check the  link below and see for yourself.

Our band was sensational. They played 3 songs that were received with wild reactions from the audience. I am very proud of the achievements of  our  Performing Arts students. They always unearth performances that are unique and exuberant.

A Day In The Life of 7G

George Massouris - Wednesday, May 17, 2017

On Monday I had the pleasure of working with 7G for the day. I lined up, carried my books and computer around,spent time in the yard and carried out all the tasks set in class by the teachers during the day. This swap of my role in the college was part of an educational program called "Shadow a Student for a Day". I am also working in a team that is participating in action research surrounding the changes to the Year 7 curriculum. I decided that I would just be another Year 7 student in a class for this day. I gained a fantastic insight into what it is like to be a student in a modern classroom.

When i explained to the class what I was trying to do they were very accepting of the idea and carried on as usual. The teachers were a little unsure of what it was about but also carried on as they normally would. I am still processing much of what I gained from the experience. I think 7G have some amazing potential as a group to succeed. They have quite a variety of personalities that make for an interesting mix of ideas. I was able to receive help from the students near me and they made sure I knew where the next class would be.

I'd like to thank the teachers for allowing me the opportunity to view  things from the student perspective. I would like to pay tribute to 7G for accepting the old guy from up on top of the hill and being so helpful during the experience.

I now will use the experience to improve student outcomes.

George Massouris
Assistant Principal

Everyday Hero Head Shave For Cancer

George Massouris - Sunday, May 14, 2017

One of the best parts of being an Assistant Principal is when you witness the individual efforts of students engaging the school community to get behind a great cause.Shadab Safa and Ahmad Mohammadi have shaved their heads to highlight that we are all  touched in some way by the loss of  someone to cancer. This year we lost a teacher and friend  Ms Anita Templin. The school community has helped raise nearly $1000 dollars so far. I am really proud of the  awareness campaign these students have conducted. I have never shaved a head before. It brought me closer to gaining the courage to take the challenge myself.

You can support the boys at the following  link:

George Massouris
Assistant Principal

2017 Information Evening for Parents

George Massouris - Sunday, May 07, 2017

The Information evening that the college held last week was a great success.Prospective parents and students gathered in our theater to hear about  our great school  from our college leaders and students. The audience was treated to some  great  performances from our college band led by Josh Mitchell(Performing Arts Leader)
The college ran some tours of the school where parents and students were provided with a glimpse of school life. Mock classes in Arts, Humanities, Music and Technology were held to show what it is like in a secondary school classroom.

I was really proud of all  the teachers and students who contributed to this great event.

George Massouris
Assistant Principal

MultiPride Jumpers have Arrived!

George Massouris - Sunday, April 23, 2017

Our students who join MultiPride and become regular contributors to the team are issued a  jumper. They  must  wear the  jumper
to signify that they are in MultiPride and they are approachable for help in the yard or in class.
They have many ideas about school improvement that you will be hearing about  during 2017. MultiPride meets weekly on a Friday.They are led by Ms. Annette Evans.

George Massouris
Assistant Principal

Our Students Shine at CMY Exhibition

George Massouris - Tuesday, April 18, 2017

On Saturday the 8th April I had the pleasure of attending the Journey to Self-exhibition in the city. Some of our senior students exhibited their ART and performances to this uplifting event.

We heard the experiences of youth from refugee backgrounds and witnessed some thought provoking art work. Young people can encounter significant barriers as they try to settle in Australia.

The event highlighted the young people’s challenges of growing up, figuring out how things are done and adjusting to unfamiliar cultural, academic and social expectations.

I was very proud of our students and all the young people in the room. My son accompanied me to the event and he asked me on the way home if he could join CMY.

George Massouris
Assistant Principal

End of Term 1

George Massouris - Saturday, April 01, 2017

First term 2017 has been an exciting time for teaching and learning at Cranbourne Secondary College. We welcomed a new  group of Year 7 students and introduced them to our  newly designed curriculum. They have  thoroughly enjoyed the  emphasis on deep learning.
Classrooms have been very productive as CATS, SACS and KLA assessments have been completed. There were some encouraging conversations about learning progress occurring at Student Parent Teachers conferences held last week, helping to further support learning.

I have been privileged to be  invited to a range of activities outside the classroom including Polyhood, MultiPride, Point Leo Surf Day, SRC Grip conference, Athletics carnival to name a few amazing highlights there has been plenty happening to keep students actively engaged both inside and outside the classroom.

I have been proud to be a part of the election of a new Student Leadership team and the introduction of form captains for every class 7-12.The MultiPride group has also shown great strength in  numbers and delivered a series of  student conversations during  lunch breaks.
I hope everyone enjoys some family time over the holidays and I encourage all senior students to ensure a balance between study and relaxation. Develop a study timetable and stick to it, it will be worth it. Have a safe and relaxing holiday.

It has been a great start to the year!

George Massouris
Assistant Principal

Polyhood 2017

George Massouris - Sunday, March 26, 2017
Polyhood 2017 was a great example of what this college is all about.The community spirit was alive and well during these performances. Annette Evans did a fantastic job directing what was a fabulous expo of our talented young people. We are blessed to have her put her heart and soul into these events.

A packed  theatre  of  students, parents and teachers witnessed some emotional and entertaining performances.Sene Smalley our school captain delivered a moving tribute to AnitaTemplin who was always a proud supporter of Polyhood.

A big shout out to Katie Lautolo who helped organise the event from the start last year. To Lomi Paniora and Ina Tumu for sorting out the rehearsals, along with Sarah Garlick for supervising the groups. 
Thanks to Jeremiah Ah Sui for designing the poster and operating sound for the show, Zainel Khan for operating the lights and Mahonri Akaiti for being indispensable backstage. 
Also to Stella Fili for leading Around The World and Kenan Opetaia for getting his group to perform and for both for introducing the show.

I was extremely proud to be a part of this traditional school event where the community expresses how a village can educate a child.

Here are some links to the evening. You will be amazed.


Tyra Lewis 2017

Joseph Stewart

Diaries for all Year 12...Yes We Can!

George Massouris - Saturday, March 25, 2017

March 25 2017
I was thinking about something different that I could do to support our students this year. Usually I make a film and capture the school journey and play it back for them them at the end of the year. In a conversation with Maria Falduti and ex teacher of Cranbourne Secondary College we came up with an idea to see if  it would be possible to source a free diary for the students.

This initiative was to support their writing and study habits. After quite a few long phone calls and negotiations Maria was able to get Campion Books to issue our year 12 students with a free diary  this year.

I was over the moon about this and so were the School Leaders. We were able to get the diary to them just in time for the holidays.

A big shout out to Campion Books for coming to the  party.
George Massouris 
Assistant Principal