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Harmony Week

George Massouris - Tuesday, March 21, 2017


There were some great costumes on display on FREE Dress Day. It was a great start to Harmony Week. This week we celebrate cultural awareness week for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. The free dress day raised $715.05. The SRC have decided to direct this money to the Peter Mac organisation. The students felt that they could pay tribute to Anita Templin who had committed much of her work to Harmony activities in this college.
Congratulations to Ms Evans, Ms Gunn and the VCAL team for bringing about a great day and week ahead.
We look forward to celebrating more cultural diversity during the week. Get your ticket for Polyhood on Thursday night.

George Massouris
Assistant Principal

Pancake Day

George Massouris - Friday, March 10, 2017

Many Australians make and share pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. Selling pancakes to raise money for charity is a popular activity. Some churches, businesses and charities hold Pancake Day events by making fresh pancakes and selling them. Proceeds from these events go towards various causes, such as support for low-income families who are experiencing tough times.
Our SRC leaders had a great day serving pancakes to raise money for the charity The Uniting Care who help ‘Australians living in crisis including those suffering homelessness, domestic violence, addictions and financial hardship’.

We sold our pancakes for $1 each. I had the task of supplying the sugar and lemon juice.

It was a great way to support our school leaders and a great cause as well.

George Massouris
Assistant Principal

Anita Templin 1960 ~ 2017

George Massouris - Friday, March 03, 2017

It is with heavy hearts that we gather to farewell Anita, but it is also with joy that we celebrate Anita's life and reflect on the extraordinary kindness, compassion and love she had for others. Today it is an honour to pay tribute to an amazing woman who was a dedicated colleague, a devoted mother and grandmother, a sister, a daughter, a friend to many, and a friend to me. 

Anita was a loving mother to her three children, Rohan, Nerissa, and Jasmin, and grandmother to Maddison and Jackson. Anita's family also included her dog, Ghost, who was always spoilt with too many toys and a great deal of attention. Anita loved her family dearly and worked tirelessly to do all she could for them. She insisted on fresh, home-cooked meals, and enjoyed baking on weekends. Birthdays were made special with Anita's Black Forest cake, and Christmas was celebrated with the German traditions she knew as a child, and which will continue to live on in her own children.

Born in Germany, Anita would often tell stories about her childhood and in particular her love for riding horses. She never missed an opportunity to go riding and she talked about those times with fond memories and true happiness. Anita loved living in Australia, but her German origins continued to live in her. She instilled much of her heritage into her life in Australia, from simple things like saying "gesundheit" when someone sneezed, to cooking German inspired meals and teaching German at school. Anita was happy in Australia but never forgot her German homeland.

Anita was an intelligent woman with a thirst for knowledge and a love for studying. She completed a Bachelor of Arts degree with honours, and she was the recipient of the "golden key - national honours society". She completed her graduate diploma of Education and continued her quest for knowledge and her love of learning in her strong passion for reading. There was always a book in her handbag, beside her bed or on her coffee table. She taught her children, Rohan and Nerissa, to read at an early age, and instilled a love for books and reading into them.

She was also extremely creative and enjoyed drawing, painting and sewing. Before her teaching career she would sew pyjamas, draw images onto them and then paint over them. These were very popular and sold well. Some of her artwork is displayed on the walls in her home, and these not only reflect her creativity, but also her ability to inspire and reach out to her audience.

Anita had a strong passion and encouraged her children to travel and experience the world. It was her belief that travelling was an enlightening and rewarding experience and she enjoyed visiting many countries such as South America, China, Turkey and Eygpt to name a few.  

I was privileged to work with Anita on a number of projects which included Multipride, Harmony and Fusion Sport, and Point Leo. Her involvement and passion for these projects truly reflected the essence of her character and the convictions she believed in. Anita advocated equality and success for all students. She was the voice for those who felt they had not been heard and provided opportunities that encouraged positive and successful outcomes. Anita was the champion for the student that had fallen behind, was forgotten about, had lost their way, or had the biggest obstacles to overcome. She provided the compassion, support and encouragement to help students in their time of need. Her integrity and determination were as impressive as the warmth and love she gave to her students. 

Her students describe her as kind, intelligent, strong and passionate. One student said, and I quote:
"You"will  be missed by so many of us, you were legit my favourite teacher, words really couldn't describe how amazing you really are"
"Today is a really sad day, a great friend, a teacher and a mentor has sadly passed away. Ms Templin was a person that always put everyone before herself and helped me and so many others become better people".

I would like to share an occasion that occurred some time ago that I recently spoke to Anita about. Anita organised a fundraiser trivia night for parents, students and friends. Paul Evans and I created the questions and enthusiastically fired questions to an unresponsive audience. With the silence that followed the 5th question in a row, all eyes followed Anita who tip-toed towards us, as if invisible, and whispered, "Can you make the questions a little easier". 
In her final days I reminded her of this incident, and as I held her frail hand, it gave me great joy to see her smile at this.

MultiPride has become a symbol of what our school can become when you enter conversations with the young people. Anita and Phil Start  had a strong belief that student voice was essential if the conditions of a community were to improve. Anita had a great love and admiration for the students that led the  many activities that arose out of MultiPride. To Anita …the work that Habib would do for our school community became some of the proudest moments she had ever experienced. When she handed him the graduation certificate on Valedictory Night it made all our hearts sing. MultiPride had truly established itself. 

Like Habib young Sene emerged one day in the staffroom with a rap to the staff about war,poverty, racism, bullying and imagining a life free of these things…..HARMONY. Sene has contributed to many of the projects that Anita promoted and has been instrumental in promoting the voice of students in our community. When the news broke that Sene had been announced as the school captain for 2017 I made sure Anita was informed. Not only had a MultiPride student been selected but also a student from VCAL …one of her greatest passions…kids from the VCAL. I could tell she was very happy to hear this news.

I would like to end with another incident that occurred with Anita when the VCAL centre was completed and handed back to the school. I was keen for Anita to see it most because she had made sure I knew what the kids would need in this building. I remember walking in with her and she was struck by the amount of light we had created. When I think of Anita and reflect on the place of comfort and safety she gave to those that were alone and afraid, and the hope and love she gave to those that were lost and defeated, I cannot help but think of the path of light Anita created to help people find their way, and I cannot help but think that we too should be in awe and struck by the light that came from such a remarkable, giving and loving woman.

Cranbourne SC celebrates Karneval

George Massouris - Wednesday, March 01, 2017


Karneval is a German celebration that involves parading around  in fun costumes. It is also  a time  to indulge in eating slices of delicious plum cake and yummy German dough(nut) balls.The  canteen  area was  used to  show  of  some fine German cuisine created by our German class and Ms Kuligowska.

I had a great time indulging in some fine sweets at lunchtime. All proceeds went towards supporting the tour of Germany.

2kg  heavier

George Massouris

Assistant Principal

Join the School Council

George Massouris - Sunday, February 26, 2017

The current composition of our College Council finishes in March. Members are generally elected on a two year appointment with half the members retiring annually. Council meets 8 times per year on a

Thursday evening and meetings begin at 6:00pm. As a parent, College Council is a great way to become involved with the school and be part of the decision making process including matters such as school grounds, policies and procedures as well as financial governance. The varied expertise of parents and community members is greatly valued in continued improvement of our school. I encourage any parents interested to nominate or contact the College. The next council meeting is scheduled for Thursday March 16th.

Please check  the  following  link:

Thankyou for your ongoing support

Grip Conference

George Massouris - Friday, February 24, 2017

Our SRC group attended The GRIP Student Leadership Conference which provided our student leaders with training for their role as SCHOOL LEADERS. The focus of this conference centred on what the students can do RIGHT NOW. Ms Gunn our teacher in charge of Student Leadership organised the students to attend this valuable event.
Our student leaders began to develop a clear vision and new perspectives about making a positive contribution as a leader.
This was a great day to motivate and empower our student leaders. They received practical ideas to take back to our school community. The conversations they shared with each other and with leaders from other schools were encouraging to hear. Our school has made some great choices in student leadership this year. Ms.Gunn and I are  looking  forward to  working  with   leaders to  bring  about  positive outcomes  for  the  whole school. 

George Massouris
Assistant Principal

Student Leadership

George Massouris - Friday, February 17, 2017
I would like to congratulate all the students who have nominated for the college captaincy positions this year. 

Every candidate has made a great impression with their speeches to staff and students, all would make fantastic captains of the school. I look forward to working with all these students throughout the year. Ms.Gunn  will be  leading  the group of students during the year and we are part way through electing captains at every year  level.We have also organised some exciting leadership training for our leaders starting with the Grip conference next week. Students who attend will come away with new skills, new perspectives and new ideas for making a positive contribution as a leader. Students will be able to choose elective workshops on the day to tailor their experience to their own leadership role. 

It is with great pleasure that I announce our college Captains for 2017. 
Female Captain: Stella Fili 
Vice-Captain: Dharma De Kleuver 
Male Captain: Sene Smalley 
Vice-Captain: Alex Smith

Every Day Counts: School Attendance

George Massouris - Sunday, February 05, 2017

Participating in school every day gives teenagers the best chance of achieving their goals. A student’s level of school attendance is a major influence on their achievement.

Talking about the importance of attendance
Educational aspirations are strong predictors of educational outcomes. Talk to your teen about their goals and the role schooling will have in achieving them. Your teen may not be aware of the impact that missing school can have in the long term. Having conversations about the importance of going to school every day will show them you value education.

Help your teen maintain good attendance habits
Having an established evening and morning routine can provide structure to ensure assignments are completed and your teenager arrives at school on time. Occasionally, your teen may need to stay home from school—they might be sick, or there might be personal or serious family matters you have to attend to (such as a funeral). While these kinds of events are unavoidable, other events such as shopping trips, holidays, visiting family and friends, or appointments can be scheduled out of school hours.

How can you assist:

  • Speak with your teen about the importance of attending every day.
  • Set a regular evening and morning routine.
  • If possible make appointments out of school hours.
  • Avoid taking your teenager away for holidays during the school term.
  • If your teen seems anxious about going to school, talk to them to find out why.
  • I hope you find  these  ideas  useful.


George Massouris
Assistant Principal

Cranbourne Secondary College