VET programs


Students moving into Year 11 VCE may choose to include a VET (Vocational Education and Training) course as part of their studies, whilst those undertaking VCAL MUST choose a VET course as part of theirs.
A VET course provides a nationally recognised qualification, and may lead to employment or further training in the area. Some VET courses are also eligible to be counted towards the final VCE ATAR score.
VET courses are delivered by TAFE or other Registered Training Organisations (including schools) but are quite different to the type of work done as a “school” subject. All VET courses have both theory and practical components and students must be prepared and able to complete both components of the course. VET courses are assessed according to competency – that is, the student can demonstrate the ability to do or understand the material in the unit being covered. Students who select a VET need to be aware that they are making a commitment for a 2 year course of study. Students must also realise that they are expected to display the maturity, responsibility and confidence to successfully participate in an adult learning environment.
The VET subjects that can be chosen are slightly different for VCE and VCAL students.
The VET subjects listed in the following section (p. 51) are available for Year 11 VCE students to choose from. These courses will run (subject to student numbers) at either Cranbourne SC or at a Chisholm TAFE campus.
If the course is run at a Chisholm TAFE campus, Cranbourne SC will provide a bus for students to get to TAFE – but students will need to find their way home independently. Please consider this when making a choice.
VCAL students may choose from these VET courses, but will also have the opportunity to choose from a much wider range of courses from a group called the SELLEN cluster. Please see p. 60 to look at the list of SELLEN VET subjects that are currently on offer.
Students who choose a SELLEN course must be able to get themselves independently to and home from the venue of the course. We do not provide a bus.
If a Year 11 VCAL student has already successfully completed a VET course, they may choose to undertake another course or to undertake two days work placement for their Year 12 VCAL course. Most VET courses are two years, so they will only be able to complete part of the course, but will receive credit for units successfully completed in any further study.



Cranbourne SC has made some changes to the VET course offerings available as part of the Cranbourne Cluster for 2017. These courses are available to BOTH VCE and VCAL students. Students who want to take up a VET course not listed here must do VCAL.
            • Certificate 2 Automotive
            • Certificate 2 Building and Construction
            • Certificate 2 Dance
            • Certificate 2 Engineering Technology
            • Certificate 3 Catering operations
            • Certificate 3 Early Childhood Education and Care
            • Certificate 3 Information, Digital Media and Technology
            • Certificate 3 Sport and Recreation

SELLEN VET COURSES (for VCAL students only)

As the list is quite extensive, students can speak with Mrs Coutts the VET Co-ordinator (in the V Block Careers office) for SELLEN VET courses.